Thursday, December 7, 2017

Implants are the Superior Dental Prosthetic

If you are missing a tooth or need one replaced, the Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Philadelphia’s Center City is your place for implants. While our Dr. Shireen Malik and Dr. David Azizyan are highly skilled in providing a number of prosthetic tooth replacements, implants stand out by repairing some of the damage to the patient’s facial structure and by allowing them to return to a normal lifestyle.

Endosteal implants are called that because they are inserted into the endosteum, a thin layer inside bones. Dental crowns, including bridges, replace the part of the tooth that is visible above the gum line, and in some cases, this is sufficient. But the tooth roots play an important part in strengthening the jaw bone and providing support to the surrounding teeth. When a tooth root is diseased or has to be removed, the jaw bone begins losing mass, weakening the other teeth. Crowns alone cannot fix this, but an implant inserted into the jaw bone stimulates the growth of new bone tissue. Once the implant and jaw bone have fused together through a process called osseointegration, the crown supported by the implant will be stable and the surrounding teeth will be at less risk of shifting and becoming loose.

An implant looks like a small metal screw and is attached to the jaw bone through a surgical incision. Osseointegration will usually take between six to twelve weeks. While recovering, the patient will wear a temporary artificial crown to enable them to chew and keep the gap between their teeth open for the permanent crown. Once the implant and bone are fused together, another incision will be made and an abutment will be put on top of the implant. The permanent crown is made in a dental laboratory from an impression of the patient’s mouth. It will be durable and the same color as the patient’s natural teeth.

There are several advantages to having an implant. The prosthetic is long-lasting and often does not need to be replaced for more than ten years. The reinforcement of the jaw bone not only strengthens the other teeth, it also helps the patient’s face to retain its shape, preventing lop-sided, withered appearance. Unlike dentures, implants can be cleaned in the same way as natural teeth, with regular brushing and flossing. Artificial teeth cannot be whitened, but at our cosmetically-focused dental center, we take pride in helping patients to select shading which is pleasing to them (and we can remove stains from their natural teeth).  Implants are one of the surgical procedures with the highest success rate, so if you need a second chance with your oral health, they’re one of the best options to consider.

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