Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Scaling and Planing Procedure in Philadelphia, PA

Gum disease is irritating, painful, and if not treated, it can lead to tooth loss. Not to mention it diminishes the look of your smile. When gum disease travels down to the roots of teeth, a scaling and planing procedure must be performed to clean the tooth. The skilled dentists here at Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center are trained in scaling and planing and perform them here in our Philadelphia, PA dental office.

When gums are diseased, they can begin to recede and create deep pockets. Since they pull away from the teeth, this allows bacteria to reach the tooth’s root and wreak havoc. The tooth’s root is now vulnerable to the bacteria and can be decayed. When left untreated, this will eventually lead to the loss of the tooth. In order to clean out the bacteria and prevent any more from harboring, a scaling and planing is performed. A scaling is performed with a metal tool that will scrap the tooth clean of any bacteria. A planing is then the process where the tooth is smoothed out. Any rough patches where bacteria can be caught are smoothed down. This process is usually completed in a couple of appointments. Depending on the level of disease, the mouth may be split into sections for completion.

If you are experiencing bleeding, red, irritated gums, schedule an examination with Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Philadelphia, PA. Call us at (215) 279-1193 or visit our website,

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