Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Deep Cleaning for Your Gums

Deep cleaning your teeth is not something you do after eating a messy meal. A deep cleaning is required to treat gum and periodontal disease. If you haven’t been to the dentist in quite some time, you not only increase your chances of developing gum disease, you risk needing costly procedures to reverse the damage. The treatment that our doctors at Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center utilize is called scaling and root planing and we are going to explain when it’s necessary.

Deep cleanings are offered when dental X-rays show some bone loss and a full-mouth exam reveals one or more gum pockets greater than 4 millimeters deep. Ideally, normal healthy pockets will be no more than 3 millimeters deep. If the pockets are greater than 5 millimeters, our doctor might prescribe a deep scaling and root planing appointment. Severe periodontal takes some time to develop, therefore, to prevent it you should practice proper oral hygiene at home and schedule regular cleanings twice a year.

If you think you may benefit from a deep cleaning, please give us a call. For more information about the services we provide at the office, visit To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Philadelphia, PA, call 215-279-1193.

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