Tuesday, April 21, 2015


If you’re looking to restore your smile after losing multiple teeth, dentures offer a great solution for patients in Philadelphia, PA. Drs. Shireen Malik and James Cavalancia of Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center offer three different types of dentures: partial dentures, conventional full dentures and immediate full dentures, and they can help determine which choice is best for you.

Conventional full dentures are one type of dentures that are used once all of a patient’s teeth have been removed. However, they are not placed until after the patient’s gum tissue has healed from the teeth extraction, which usually takes a few months. During that healing time, the patient would not have any teeth at all. If the idea of living for a few months without teeth doesn’t appeal to you, you can receive immediate full dentures instead. For this type, you would have your mouth measured prior to tooth extraction. Then after your teeth are removed at the next appointment, the dentures could be placed immediately. This method, however, requires a follow-up visit for refitting and tightening your dentures because your jaw will naturally change shape as it heals with no teeth.

When a patient does not need all their teeth removed but still have a significant portion removed, partial dentures are a common solution. They are similar to bridges except bridges are permanent while partial dentures are removable. Whichever type of dentures you get, they do take time getting used to since the flesh-colored base is placed over your gums, which can feel bulky or make your mouth feel crowded. However, as you train yourself, eating and talking will begin to feel more natural.

Whether you’ve already lost a significant amount of teeth or are in need of extractions, dentures are a popular option, and Drs. Shireen Malik and James Cavalancia can help their patients find which choice is best for them in Philadelphia, PA. To schedule an appointment at Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center, call (215) 279-1193. For more information about the dentists and their services, please visit www.nicholascosmeticdentalcenter.com.

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