Friday, May 15, 2015

Night Guards

Night guards provided here at Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center help our patients get relief from their jaw pain and headaches, and protect their teeth. Some patients find themselves clenching and grinding their teeth either during the day or, more often, at night while sleeping.  Most patients are not even aware that they even have this problem that is slowly damaging their teeth.  It is more problematic at night because it can happen for hours at a time while sleeping. Teeth clenching and grinding stresses and wears down tooth enamel.  These problems can also cause irritation to the gums. Not only do our patients complain of headaches, and jaw pain, but can also have ear pain frequently because of excessive teeth clenching and grinding.

Dr. Shireen Malik and Dr. James Cavalancia offer a solution from our Philadelphia, PA dental clinic in the form of night guards. Night guards are custom made mouthguards for the patient, based on impressions taken of their teeth. Every night, the patient is instructed to wear the night guard which protects their teeth if they start clenching or grinding them. It acts as a barrier between the top and bottom teeth, so they can’t grind anymore and their teeth are protected.

Professionally created night guards tend to be of a higher quality and superior fit because they are made in a special laboratory from an impression of your mouth. The main function of your night guard is to prevent the surfaces of your teeth from grinding together. These devices are comfortable and will not disrupt your sleep patterns.

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