Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eliminate Pestiferous Plaque

Plaque forms as a result of chemical reactions that take place in your mouth. Plaque is a sticky substance made from leftover food particles and saliva that mix in your mouth. If you don’t brush properly after meals, it begins to form and build up on your teeth. If you don’t remove this pesky biofilm accordingly, it can lead to more serious conditions such as cavities and decay. Plaque can also turn into tartar that only our staff of hygienists at Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center will be able to remove.

You can prevent plaque from forming in two ways. First, you need to pay attention to your diet. Since plaque needs carbohydrates to form, the fewer (bad ones) you eat, the better. You shouldn’t avoid carbohydrates altogether, however. Many healthy foods still contain carbohydrates such as bread, cereal, potatoes, and corn. Thus, some plaque is going to form when you eat. It’s important to understand that plaque will never go away completely, but it can be controlled with excellent oral hygiene and regular trips to the dentist.

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