Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ear Aches after Teeth Extraction

At Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center, we want patients to know that extractions are done for a number of reasons. You may have a tooth that is badly damaged to the point of decay or you may need an orthodontic appliance such as braces and your mouth is too overcrowded to place them. The most common type of extraction is wisdom teeth removal, but no matter which type of extraction you need to encounter, there will be a type of pain you need to prepare for.

Pain that seems to originate in your ear after having a tooth extracted is not unusual. The most likely cause of the ear pain after wisdom teeth removal is that there are many nerves in and around your teeth and jaw which send signals through your head and past your ears. Because you have trauma in the area of the tooth extraction, it is normal for the nerves to send pain signals to your brain. Ear pain is often caused by the patient biting down with force on something. This is one of the reasons why you are instructed to eat soft foods in the days immediately following a tooth removal. Despite ear pain being a common problem, if the pain becomes severe or gets worse than normal you should contact us to ensure the pain is not caused by something else like an infection.

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