Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dental, Dermatologist and Cosmetic Loyalty Reward Points for Patients and Employee

PATIENT REWARDS PROGRAM www.PatientRewardsProgram.com
Patient Rewards Program is a patient management and sales tool that can be used by healthcare practices such as Dental, Orthodontics, Dermatologist, Cosmetic, Chiropractic etc. to
·         Give loyalty or Reward points to Patients and Employee
·         Promote healthy lifestyle and healthy behavior for patients
·         Give incentives to Patients and Employee
·         Actively engage existing patients and thereby retaining existing patients
·         Attract more patients
·         Sell new services and products to all patients
·         Motivate your employee to work better by rewarding them with incentives
Target Audience:
       Patient Reward Program is ideal for small, medium or large size private or government healthcare offices such as
o   Dental Offices
o   Orthodontics
o   Chiropractor's
o   Cosmetic Offices
o   Dermatologist
       Healthcare offices who want to set up some kind of points, rewards, loyalty incentives program for their patients and/or employee
       Healthcare offices that want to maintain their existing patients, interact with all of the patients regularly
       Healthcare offices that often have home grown items to sell to their patients.
       Healthcare offices who want to reward their employee for their hard work
Any Rewards Program Vs Patient Rewards Program:
       What makes Patient Rewards Program work is the fact that it is uniquely designed only for the healthcare industry, keeping your patients and employee in mind
       Patient Rewards Program is set up completely customized to your business needs as opposed to throwing you out to the jungle of Points and Rewards that are available in all different areas. It makes sure that rewards are personalized and unique to your office
       Patient Rewards Program is customizable to allow your office to sell home grown products or services to your Patients
       It allows you to interact with all you patients
How does Patient Rewards Program work?
       It is a membership based program. Depending on the size of your office and the number of users you would like to enroll, we offer Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships.
       Silver membership is the basic membership that allows limited number of users and functionality. Ideal for an office who wants to try out the program to see how its benefiting them. Membership can be upgraded at any time.
       Gold and Platinum memberships are for medium and large offices who want full functionality, unlimited technical support  and lot of free upgrades and enhancements

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