Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Patient Rewards Program

PATIENT REWARDS PROGRAM www.PatientRewardsProgram.com
Patient Rewards Program is a patient management and sales tool that can be used by healthcare practices such as Dental, Orthodontics, Dermatologist, Cosmetic, Chiropractic etc. to
·         Give loyalty or Reward points to Patients and Employee
·         Promote healthy lifestyle and healthy behavior for patients
·         Give incentives to Patients and Employee
·         Actively engage existing patients and thereby retaining existing patients
·         Attract more patients
·         Sell new services and products to all patients
·         Motivate your employee to work better by rewarding them with incentives

Here I have tried to describe some common problems that a healthcare office faces and the Patient Rewards Program solution to these problems

       Current Problems: Currently healthcare offices do not offer any benefits, rewards or incentives to their patients. Most of the offices just treat patients for their issues and take money from them either through their insurance or self-pay. They do not give them any incentive to come back to their office. This creates a void in the market. There is no incentive for a patient to choose between two equally good healthcare offices to go to. The patients are not tied to one specific office. Therefore healthcare offices are losing clients
       Patient rewards Program Solution: PRP Program allows the healthcare offices to retain their existing Clients/Patients by locking them in. It allows them to give attractive incentives to their patients thereby generating interest in sticking to one healthcare office and makes it easy for the patient to choose which office he would prefer to go to. If my dermatologist is giving me a $25 cash back coupon for a service that I got done, I will obviously want to redeem it and also try to earn more incentives for future treatments

       Current problem: A lot of healthcare offices have home grown products that they sell to their patients. This currently makes up to 30% of the office collections. Employees are trained to sell, sell and sell. However offices are limited to selling to only the clients that show up to the office. At any given time an office could have more than 1000 patients but it is selling to only maximum 8-15 patients that show up on a given day. This is a slow process and has limited returns
       Patient Rewards Program Solution: PRP program allows you to interact with all your patients at the same time. It gives you a market place to sell your products and services online exclusively to all your patients. Every time your office adds a new service offering or product in the catalog, an email alert is sent to the all the patients announcing it, therefore increasing the chances of the product being sold by many times over

       Current Problem: Healthcare offices really value a client referral. However they solely rely on a good word spread by their patient verbally. At any given time a healthcare office will receive an average of 4-5 referrals in a month. This is again a very slow process of growing your patient base. Especially if you are a new practice you want to ramp up on the patient base as soon as possible
       Patient Rewards Program Solution: www.PatientRewardsProgram.com is fully integrated with a whole variety of social media sites (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.). When a healthcare office is enrolled in the program all their patients interact using the PRP tool that allows them to announce any great thing they notice about the healthcare office on social media, giving the office immense visibility and potentially a lot more clients. Patients have the capability to announce their gift cards, redeemed items, freebies on social media instantly. If I as a patient just redeemed a $25 gift card I would want to tell everyone on facebook what a great deal I got through my office. PRP allows you to do just that. This gives immense amount of visibility to the healthcare office thereby generating more clients

       Current Problem: Any healthcare office has at least 15 – 30% dead clients. Patients who were once a client but never came back. Usually they hire sales people or front desk receptionists to make cold calls all day long to re-book the dead clients. This is a slow cumbersome process and a failed attempt to revive old patients

       Patient Rewards Program Solution: PRP allows you to entice old patients by putting out incentives for them. If my old dentist told me that I would get a free Sonicare toothbrush if I came back for a cleaning, I would want to go back to him. Patient Rewards Program is a great way to add these incentives and deals exclusively for all your patients and motivate them to come back to your office.

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