Thursday, July 21, 2016

Make Sure You Are Spending Enough Time Brushing!

It takes about two minutes to hit every spot in your mouth effectively while brushing. How do you keep track of the two minutes? At Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Philadelphia, PA, we want to be sure our patients are keeping up with their dental hygiene. Check out some great ways to ensure you are brushing long enough!

Song and Dance

Play your favorite tune while brushing your teeth. Most music players have a timer on it as the song plays, so just make sure you brush at least until the two-minute mark.  Every thirty seconds brush a different quadrant of your mouth. Also, do not forget your tongue, the inside of your cheeks, and the roof of your mouth! Dancing is optional.


Your Cell Phone

Phones are so much more than just phones now. They are music players, entertainment, the Internet, and they are clocks for a lot of people! Set your phone’s timer for two minutes for an easy way to keep track.


Old-school Timers

Consider getting an hourglass to use as a timer! In this case, you would get a minute glass and flip it twice. You can even look into getting a fancy one to add to your bathroom d├ęcor!


Electric Toothbrushes

Many electric toothbrushes also have timers on them. They pause the vibrations a couple of times or beep when the two minutes mark has been reached.


A good at-home oral care plan is vital to your overall health. To schedule your next appointment with Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in our Philadelphia, PA office, call us at (215) 279-1193 or visit our website,


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