Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Avoid Theses Habits While Wearing Braces

Just as there are bad habits that can harm your teeth, there are also bad habits that can hinder the effectiveness of braces. At Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Philadelphia, PA, we want our patients wearing braces to facilitate the best oral environment possible for braces. The end result will be a beautiful, healthy smile.

Hard Objects                                                        

Even without braces, it is known that biting hard objects like fingernails, ice, pens, etc. can be bad for teeth. It can cause weakening, worn down enamel, and it can cause chips and fractures. While wearing braces, this is even truer. Due to the pressure that braces apply to the teeth, they are even more sensitive. The pressure from biting hard objects can also slow down the progression of braces, making your treatment longer. In addition to hard non-food objects, you should also avoid hard food like raw carrots and popcorn.


Sugary Foods and Drinks

Sugary foods and drinks can cause cavities in teeth when consumed too frequently; however, with braces, there are even more places for sugar to hide. Avoid making candies and pops staples of your diet. In addition, make a point to rinse your mouth after consuming them.


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