Friday, July 15, 2016

Healthy Foods for Teeth and Gums

Food is what fuels our bodies. It is well-known that we need to eat the right things so we get the proper nutrients, but did you know that it also counts for your oral health? At Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Philadelphia, PA, we want our patients to the proper nutrition can lead to better oral health. Keep reading to learn more!

Probably the most well-known nutrition needed for your smile is calcium. Foods rich in calcium like milk, cheese, and yogurt are great for building and keeping strong teeth. There are also benefits from yogurt which has good bacteria that fight off odor-causing bacteria and from milk which lowers acid levels in your mouth. Acid leads to erosion of enamel, so keeping the levels low is important!

There are also foods that actually help clean your teeth. Crunchy, fibrous foods like carrots and cucumbers actually help clean your teeth as you eat them. They remove plaque as you bite into them and chew them. If you ever find yourself in need of a brushing without a toothbrush around, look for the veggies!

Gum health is also vital for complete oral health. For good gum health, citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits can help out. They strengthen the blood vessels and connective tissues that hold your teeth to your jaw. They can also help reduce any inflammation.

Remember your teeth and gums when getting your daily vitamins and minerals in! To set up your next cleaning and examination at Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Philadelphia, PA, call our office at (215) 279-1193 or visit our website,

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