Friday, January 27, 2017

Gum Pocket Reduction

At the Nicholas Cosmetic Dental center, Dr. Shireen Malik provides treatments which can improve the health of patients’ gums as well as their teeth. One of the restorative treatments she provides which patients also report significantly improves the appearance of their smiles is a gum pocket reduction.

Healthy tooth roots fit snugly into gum pockets, but some plaque inevitably creeps in. This is why deep cleanings and planings are necessary. When patients go too long without a deep cleaning, gingivitis can develop in response to bacteria colonies producing acid-causing plaque in the pockets, which the leads to periodontal disease. As bone and gum tissue decay, the empty space they leave behind become a home for more bacteria, and trap even more plaque.

Once an enlarged gum pocket has been cleaned, Dr. Malik may want to close it off. This may be as simple as making an incision and pulling a flap across a pocket, which would then be sutured. In some cases, it may require a full gum graft. However, once the pocket is reduced, the patient’s tooth root will no longer be exposed, making is much less painful and making their smiles more attractive.

Shireen Malik, D.D.S, operates the Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center at 1128 Walnut Street, Ste 500, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 191078. To schedule an appointment, call 215-279-1193 or visit and fill out a contact sheet.

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