Friday, February 3, 2017

Electric Toothbrush Apps

At the Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center in Philadelphia, we strive to help patients understand the wide variety of dental products available to them. Among these are the new smart phone apps that manufacturers such as Oral B and Kolibree are creating for their electric toothbrushes. These apps are designed to make electric toothbrushes more useful to children and people with disabilities, so we thought we’d provide a run-down of them.

A manual toothbrush is as good as an electric toothbrush when used for two full minutes during each brushing session. Many kids struggle to do this, which is why the reduced time an electric toothbrush requires is advantageous to them. However, they still have to use it for a certain amount of time and in the right way. New apps provide users with a reward system, games and videos which last the length of time for which they are supposed to brush, and educational content to provide encouragement. Some apps also provide feedback on which tooth surfaces the patient is overlooking and whether the toothbrush’s settings need to be adjusted. This could potentially help users correct mistakes they’re not aware their making.

Whether to get an electric toothbrush depends greatly on a patient’s situation, but manufacturers are constantly producing new products which may be useful to some people.

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